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June 2018 and a brand new studio space!

Our Grandson graduated May 17 and went to the Colorado Mountains to a great adventure working at a camp. For years he "owned" the arcade a large room here with arcade games, pool table, a movie and xbox room filled with his teen friends. Now I have moved in and I have a support staff of two border collies,a silver cat, two paint horses outside the windows, and Jim can come and mat or frame things or drop in for a "visit". No more hiding the mess and putting away all the paint and brushes and so on when company comes and actually expects to eat on the dining room table! Every time you have to put away all your tools and clean up you lose momentum on a painting, at least I do! It's hard to go back, remember what you were doing last, or what colors you mixed up last time.

Another great thing is getting everything already painted hung in one room so I know what I have for a show or sale. I also relish the thought of having other artists over to paint together or having a place for potential buyers to visit and see the art in person. Woohoo! I'm having fun decorating the space and painting in my new studio area.

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